A Few Special Examples

Lies. I added her to the spec last night. You Got it! Yep. and there's nothing you can do about it. Sounds about right to me...
I'll call Hixie!

Yes. He's the most important part. No. But he's its best friend. Hell Yes.
No. But we make it sexy. Yea. I added her to the spec last night. He's totally not.
Reboot your face. one sec...
Plugin Not Supported
It's way better. She's practically HTML6! We all are! 8===D We'll call you back when we know. He isn't, but his stubble is.
No, but it can emulate HTML5 faster than HTML5. Fuck. No. Still looking for it... Recursion is hilarious, we get it. <blink>Is the pope catholic?</blink> Yes! Of course they are!
HTML5 R0CKS! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU... 8====D YES totes. Raphael Rules AyeAye. Tis. He used font face once,
and now he thinks he's a pro... He'll probably hack it! I dojo.declare that he is! DICKS If they aren't,
Joe McCann will boycott. Please don't use this very informative site to justify the use of the awesome new HTML5 logo on your webpage about javascript.
(unless you have a pimped out doctype) Ja. Ja. Ja.
Everything except the <center> tag...
We can all agree that was a mistake...
Technically speaking, the entire set is considered a subset. Asshole. Well, sure...
it's part of the letters h-t-m-l and 5
but that's hardly relevant... Maybe...
but you aren't helping the internet
by saying that it is or isn't.

by Alex Sexton